A word of special thanks is due to so many people who have touched my life. Special thanks are due to three sisters the Lord used to invite me to church. I’m very grateful for their invitation.

My heartfelt appreciation is given to the three sisters that asked me to put into print verses of Scripture they could share with their Catholic families. This testimony was written in response to their requests. I also give thanks to the sister who gave me my first King James Bible.

The Lord has given me many wonderful pastors over the years who have given me much needed correction and direction in my life. In my path, the Lord also has sent evangelists who were extremely sensitive to the leading of His Spirit. If they were not sensitive and
obedient to the move of the Lord, I would not have progressed spiritually to the point of where I am today.

Most of all, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for leading me out of a life of sin and into a vibrant, growing day-to-day relationship and life with God. The Lord has been so patient, loving, and kind with me. Thank You, God, for the gift of Yourself and for all You have done.

R. L. Montgomery